The Breakup Mate (Soft cover)

The Breakup Mate (Soft cover)

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The Breakup Mate is the definitive guide to overcoming Heartbreak Hazards after splitting from the one you love. As an A-Z on the pitfalls of breakup recovery, it explains the common problems we face after getting dumped, and provides clarity on how to get through them like a Boss.

Written for Gen-Y women by a Gen-Y woman, it tackles the real post-breakup issues we face in today's dating landscape, through the eyes of one who has been through it all. From Facebook ranting, to Friends & Family that just don't get it; From Sex with strangers, to Suicidal thoughts; From Depression and anxiety, to gauging the right time to start Dating again. 

It also answers those questions we don't always feel we can ask those around us: Should I contact my ex? Why do one-night-stands make me feel worse? How do I make my heart stop hurting???

Getting over a breakup is one of the toughest journeys we will ever face, often leaving us feeling low and unwanted. The Breakup Mate is here as your essential recovery cheatsheet to get you back on your feet, and feeling like a Boss again.