45 min Breakup Recovery Strategy Sesh

45 min Breakup Recovery Strategy Sesh

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What should I do to stop hurting so much? When am I going to feel like myself again? Should I go out? Get smashed? Go on Tinder? I thought they were my Soulmate - What the hell am I supposed to do now?!?!?

When we first break up we seem to go into a free-fall of confusion and pain, and often have no idea what to do to make it stop. This leads to two big problems:

  • We waste time, money and precious energy trying to find quick-fixes hoping that the pain goes away, and we can get back to feeling like our usual confident and aspiring self. 
  • And if we don't address the pain effectively, we end up stalled for months or even years on-fricken-end, not able to move on from the heartache, and fearing new relationships because it might happen again
  • Which way are you supposed to turn? What are you supposed to do???

    ^^ These are the exact questions I deal with in the Breakup Recovery Strategy Sesh. Over 45mins we deep-dive into your personal heartbreak situation, and put together a game-plan that clearly and efficiently navigates the best pathway back to your empowered Self...But how do we do it???...

    The Breakup Recovery Strategy Sesh comes with the following:
    • A 45min intensive session via Skype with me, anywhere in the world
    • We work together to establish what your deepest pain-points are, and the blockages that are holding you back
    • We get super-real about where it is you wanna be in your life, and how you want to feel
    • Using the framework of the Brain, Body and Spirit components, we establish the best holistic approach to your recovery, and new super-charged status.
    • I provide the immediate steps to put that game-plan into action!
    Getting back to your best self is hard when you tough it out alone; But when you have all the info, and a mate along the way, it makes for a much simpler ride. Breakups suck; but recovery doesn't have to!
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