6 week Breakup Recovery

6 week Breakup Recovery

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What should I do to stop hurting so much? When am I going to feel like myself again? Should I go out? Get smashed? Go on Tinder? I thought they were my Soulmate - What the hell am I supposed to do now?!?!?

When we first break up we seem to go into a free-fall of confusion and pain, and often have no idea what to do to make it stop. This leads to two big problems:

  1. We waste time, money and precious energy trying to find quick-fixes hoping that the pain goes away, and we can get back to feeling like our usual confident and aspiring self. 
  2. And if we don't address the pain effectively, we end up stalled for months or even years on-fricken-end, not able to move on from the heartache, and fearing new relationships because it might happen again
What's the right way to get better??? How do I do it?

^^ These are the exact questions I deal with in the 6 Week Breakup Recovery Program, providing clarity around the physical, physiological and spiritual 'mechanics' of a breakup, and how to get over it faster, and more effectively. 

Over the course of six weeks, we deep-dive into your personal heartbreak situation, and establish & implement a game-plan that clearly and efficiently navigates the best pathway back to your empowered Self. Best part? We get to work on results immediately, and I'm with you every step of the way!..So what's involved???...

The Breakup Recovery Program involves the following:
  • 8 x 1-hour sessions via Skype with me, anywhere in the world, delivered over the course of 6 weeks. 
  • We work together to establish what your deepest pain-points are, and the blockages that are holding you back - and how to shift them!
  • We get super-real about where it is you wanna be in your life, and how you want to feel, and start putting that game-plan into action.
  • Using the H.O.N.O.U.R. framework, and encompassing the Brain, Body and Spirit components, we establish a personalised holistic approach to your recovery, and new super-charged status goals, and work through it together step, by, step.
  • You also receive an e-copy of The Breakup Mate to help out with the times in between sessions.

Getting back to your best self is hard when you tough it out alone; But when you have all the info, and a mate along the way, it makes for a much simpler ride. Breakups suck; but recovery doesn't have to!

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