Leah Sheppard The Breakup Boss

Who dis?

Kia ora Fam!!! My name is Leah, and I am the creator of Honour Your Breakup (HYB). 

HYB is a Melbourne-based empowerment business providing breakup recovery solutions for Gen-Y and Millennial women. Whether it's coaching, carepacks, events or retreats, we've got you covered to fix that epic, world-changing heart, and get you back to your boss-self after heartbreak!

Mo' heart, mo' problems...

There’s an untold truth to breaking up that no one talks about: After the initial chest-crushing pain where you feel like you can’t breathe, and the realisation sets in that you are now alone in the World, in the end, all you can think about is how stupid you were to think someone would love you in the first place. Sound familiar?

We all know someone who has been dumped before, which is not surprising considering 85% of all relationships will end in a breakup. What is surprising is that given the size of the problem, until now there hasn’t actually been a dedicated solution to help.

For women especially, having no 'one-stop-shop' for heartbreak means three big problems:

  1. We waste time, money & energy on quick fixes like bootcamp, diets and speed dating.
  2. There's no one relevant to talk to; Counsellors cost money, and there’s only so long friends, family and Facebook will put up with hearing about the same breakup from 6 months ago.
  3. Unaddressed loneliness and depression can then lead to a desire to numb the pain however you can. This could be getting blind drunk, or going home with strangers just to feel wanted again. Unfortunately, for some women this can also mean suicide. Since 2010 there’s been a 50% increase in Australian women presenting to emergency departments with self-harm injuries; and one of the major causes: Breakups.

Going through my own relationships and breakups over the years, they always followed the same patterns: Endless searching to find someone decent, eventual elation that I'd find someone who was interested at all, a period of intense passion followed by months of fear and worry that it would all go away. Eventually things would take a turn, and I would be left miserable, angry, alone and embarrassed to think I had wasted all that time. The breakup aftermath would be long and full of mistakes and awful one-night-stands, all of which would make me feel even more alone...'single'. 


Worst of all, after having put my dreams on hold and allowing my happiness to be dependent on the presence of someone else, I forgot about my own strength and ability to stand on my own two feet. I felt like a fool - AND MAMMA DIDN'T RAISE NO FOOL!...Something had to change, STAT!

I eventually told myself, 'enough is enough'; There has got to be a way that I can be my strong and unique self, but be able to have love and companionship along the way. Experiencing love is bliss, but having to let it go shouldn't be so damn hard. So I decided to figure out what the hell was going on, and how I could fix it.


In the years that followed I did extensive research on everything to do with breakups, from the brain physiology, to the impact on the body and the spiritual self. I learnt from experts in various fields from evolutionary psychology and quantum physics, to change-management and clairvoyance, and finally created Honour Your Breakup: Products and services to demystify the pain of a breakup and provide the targeted guidance to get through it properly. Not only that, but I help you to design the life you truly want, and help you find and decide what kind of Hemsworth/Elba/Knowles mash-up you wanna let in it - you're only in this (particular) life one time; make it f*ckn count, Yo! 

I believe we are each born to do incredible things on this planet. I believe we all deserve meaningful lives and fulfilling relationships. Breakups can make an extraordinary person question whether they are worthy or capable of any of these things. And for me that is just, unacceptable.

Get. Your. Life.

I put my hand up, and intend on breaking this shit down for good. HYB is designed for Gen-Y women, by a Gen-Y woman intent on empowering you to find your 'Sasha Fierce', and take the world by storm. I want women to wear their breakup like a badge of honour, and say to the World, “I’m gonna live the hell out of this Life”.

This year I am gonna be all up in your (relative) area code, speaking all over Australia and NZ. Hit me up on the email, insta or FB and keep an eye out on the events board. Remember to sign up to the newsletter too in the footer below (don't worry, it's only got awesome products, prizes, coupons and fuckin retreats coming up...;P)

Can't wait to meet y'all - Let's get 2018 crack-a-lackin' fam!!! xxx