Breakup Recovery Coaching

Leah Sheppard | The Breakup BossIt's not easy getting through a breakup, especially when we don't treat it with the importance it deserves. Losing love is grief, and it hits right back to our deepest psychological drives to be loved, included and safe. How we deal with that grief can mean the difference between a life full of fear and ongoing cycles of relationships just so we don't have to be alone; or an empowered and exciting life filled with new experiences and people that leaves fear in the dust! All it takes is the right guidance, and right state of mind. 

Healing from love and preparing for the new requires the right sequence, and this is where I come in! There are different stages to the love journey, and our products and services are designed to give you the best possible advantage to nailing these stages, all with the ultimate goal of getting your core self - your Boss-factor back into gear. You'll be back to your kick-ass self in no time!!!

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TIP: If you aren't sure which one to choose, feel free to drop us a line; We can give you the 411 on which one is right for you! xxx