By Leah Sheppard


We’ve all heard the term ‘soulmate’ thrown around whenever it comes to finding ‘true love’. They are the ‘one’, the love of your life and the person you were meant to be with for the rest of your life. And whether you believe in souls, the after-life and so on, deep down we all hope that concept in particular is true.

There are a few misconceptions however when it comes to soulmates, largely brought about by decades of romantic comedies, novels, and literally anyone trying to sell the 18- 35 year-old demographic on the whole happily-ever-after thing. It is the idea that there is one true love; we must seek that love (or hope that they rock up on a white horse and find us), and if we lose that love we are destined to a life of sadness and despair. Sound familiar?

It is true that we have soulmates, one hundred percent; but not in the way that most people think. We have many, many soulmates across eons of lives, and we all cross each other’s paths as we go about learning the things we each need to learn. Soulmates can be your Mother, brother, best friend, or a completely random person on the street or that you meet at a party; it is not always a romantic partner. 

Every living being comes from a unified source of energy, and we are split off into singular forms to raise our frequency; think of it like leaving home to go to Uni, so you can better yourself. Before each lifetime we chose where we’d like to go, what type of life we want to experience, and what we’d like to learn. Now these aren’t really subjects like ‘science’, or ‘international relations’, but more like ‘humility’, ‘forgiveness’, ‘loving others in the face of adversity’; things like that. Over our different lives we meet other souls on their own journeys and we make connections with them.

As we come back for subsequent lives, as different people, in different bodies and in different circumstances we may come across these soulmates again; And it is these encounters that make us feel different compared to other people we meet. No doubt you have already felt this before, perhaps even with your ex, where you feel like you already know them; like you’ve met them before???

The problem is that often when women identify a soul connection with a partner they will try anything to keep them, even if it means it’s not in their best interest. Worse, when they break up they will never truly let them go because it means they have lost their only chance for happiness in this world.

What I’d like to tell you is that it just isn’t true. The beauty, and indeed blessing of having so many soul connections, is that there isn’t just one, there are many; Many opportunities for love and learning with such a wide variety of people, and it would be crazy to think you would give up on love if just one of those didn’t work out.

Your breakup did not mean the loss of your one true love but rather the end of an encounter with one of your many loves; with none of them being greater or more ‘true’ than the other. The concept of ‘the love of my life’ negates and disrespects all the types of love we encounter every single day; You will have the loving and romantic connection you desire, but you are doing yourself an injustice by thinking that is all you are ever going to have. We must love all the people we encounter, we must learn everything we can from one-another and we must be grateful for the time we each spend together; that is the true wondrous meaning of life.

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