HBY launches 1/2 Day breakup recovery workshop to kick-off the international tour!!!

By Leah Sheppard

HBY launches 1/2 Day breakup recovery workshop to kick-off the international tour!!!


Honour Your Breakup is proud to present it's latest workshop lead by dating and relationship guru, Leah Sheppard - aka 'The Breakup Boss'®. Over a jam-packed half-day, you will learn how to master your breakup recovery and get back to your confident, 'Boss' self in no time! 


Breakups are a really tough gig...

- any day of the week, and getting over them seems like an emotional rollercoaster that never ends. Whether we've been going out with someone for 6 months or 6 years, there are three main problems we face after heartbreak:

  1. Fear: of being alone, of starting again, of ever having love in the future

  2. Heartache: When will this feeling ever go away???  

  3. Disappointment: The one I loved didn't love me back; I thought they were my soulmate.


The good news

...is that while breakups suck, your recovery doesn't have to!

Over nourishing refreshments, and in a stunning setting with like-minded women, you will get Leah's key cheat-sheet to heartbreak recovery, and the roadmap to getting your boss-factor back! The workshop is totally focused on gaining care, clarity and confidence, and helps address the big issues in your heartbreak recovery journey right. fricken. now., including:

  • How to drop your fears around relationships and being single, and look forward to love in the future.

  • Understand what goes on with the body, brain and emotions during a breakup - knowledge is power!

  • How to release painful thoughts and emotions that no longer serve you.

  • How to strengthen your physical, mental and spiritual environment for optimum recovery.

  • Learn all about soulmates, and why you have more to come!!! #gimmealltheloves

  • Master the ups-and-downs of emotions and learn how to work WITH them.

  • Learn the art of getting closure when noone will give it to you.

  • Prepare and strengthen your foundations to ensure emotional power now, and in the future, #LIKEAMOTHERFRICKENBOSS

You'll receive all the heartbreak recovery goodness, with nourishing food and drinks to keep you going through the sesh...don't worry, our coffee game is hella strong. 

If you have been through a breakup recently, or are still feeling the aftermath from ages ago, then this is the heartfelt heal-session for you. Leah isn't called The Breakup Boss® for nothing, and trust me Fam, she's been where you are, felt aaaaallll the things (several times more than necessary), and has seriously got your back.

Sign up today to get your empowerment on!!!!


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